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July 30th, 2018 Comments

Curing ED with Generic Viagra

It is generally believed that the modern man has become much more healthy than before: thanks to the high level of medicine development and the comfort of everyday life, he lives much longer, heals his teeth, and many dangerous diseases that previously devastated the entire countries – for example, the plague – were annihilated. Successful complex surgical interventions, replacement of damaged joints with artificial ones, eye surgery, etc. take place. Nevertheless, no one has canceled the negative influence of modern life on the human body – environmental pollution, lack of physical activity, increased stress in large cities, unhealthy food and bad habits. All this is very harmful to health, in particular, strongly depresses the male potency. The result of this is widely developed erectile dysfunction.
Fortunately, this condition can be well cured with the help of such drug as generic Viagra. This is an analogue of branded medicine, the most commonly used med for solving male intimate problems. Unlike its prototype, it is a low cost option, not inferior to the original in quality and effect.
In generic Viagra the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate is used. It belongs to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors, and its vasodilating property in combination with an increase in the production of nitric oxide due to the blocking of the production of the enzyme PDE-5 causes an intensification of the erection, subject to the presence of sexual arousal.
Among all today’s medicines for getting rid of ED, this drug has the most well-studied effect and has an even milder action on the body than the original preparation. Many patients noted a decrease in the severity of side effects (headache, stuffiness in the nose etc.) when switching to this medicine from Pfizer’s one.
As a rule, local pharmacies don’t sell analog drugs, so the best way to purchase generic Viagra at a reasonable price is to place an order in an online pharmacy. The convenience of this method of purchase is delivery to the house, a much lower price, easy payment. In addition, when you buy this med online (, you usually don’t need a prescription from the doctor.
There are various variants of therapy with this generic. Sildenafil citrate in a dosage of 25 mg in one tablet is used to treat erectile dysfunction in the initial stage, as well as in elderly patients or men with compensated cardiovascular diseases. An average dosage of 50 mg is suitable for dealing with the vast majority of potency disorders. If this is not enough, 100 mg tablets are used, which provide the maximum possible effect without harm to the body of a man. However, keep in mind that side effects can be more severe when taking a large dosage.
In terms of duration of taking Viagra there are no restrictions. This medicine can be taken whenever you are afraid that sex will not succeed. This drug does not cause any addiction, the only consequence of regular use is a reduction in the severity of side effects, but this can be hardly called an unpleasant consequence.
Nevertheless, do not think that Viagra can be taken by everyone with the slightest suspicion of impotence beginning. Seriously, before taking it is recommended to consult a doctor, take a medical examination and get a prescription for this drug. If you do not pay proper attention to contraindications, then instead of the curative effect you can face the most deplorable result. We do not want to frighten anyone, but there have been cases of death (sudden cardiac death) after taking Viagra by men, to whom it was contraindicated because of their cardiovascular diseases.
In addition to pathologies of heart and blood vessels, this medication should not be used by men with retinitis pigmentosa and other hereditary retina diseases, with predisposition to priapism, in particular with caution – in case of Peyronie's disease, as well as with severe renal and hepatic insufficiency, stomach ulcer, blood clotting disorders, hypertension and hypotension.

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