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May 1st, 2019 Comments

Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

Hair Style: Have you ever wondered what causes hair to turn gray? You surely have, everyone probably has at one point or another. Grey hair is even more mysterious when you think about the thirty-year-old with a full head of gray hair compared against a 45-year old that has no gray hair at all. Well, there is a reason for this disparity. It isn’t as mysterious as you may think.

A strand of Hair Style is made up of two parts, the upper part which is called the shaft, and the lower part that anchors under the skin which is called the root. The hair follicle surrounds the root and is responsible for the characteristics of that particular strand of hair, including its rate of growth. One of the characteristics of a strand of hair is its color.

Hair follicles have cells that produce melanin. This is the same substance that gives color to your skin. Melanin has two forms and each form has its own corresponding color. Eumelanin makes hair dark and phaeomelanin makes hair light. When these two substances mix together, an entire spectrum of hair shades can result.

When you get older, these color-producing cells in the hair follicles start to die. As less and less color is produced, the hair strand turns grey. Each hair strand turns grey at its own rate, independent of the other strands. It can take several years for your entire head to turn gray because you have over 100,000 hairs. In fact, it usually takes well over ten years to go gray from the time you notice your first grey hair.

The age at which you notice your first grey hair is another matter. That depends on several factors. One important influence is heredity. If your parents went grey at an early age, it is possible that you will too. If your parents held onto their natural color late into life, there is a good chance you will not turn grey early.

Diet also plays a role in how early your hair turns grey. In order for the melanin cells to stay healthy and produce hair color, they must receive the proper nutrients such as iron and Vitamin B. These can be supplied by a well balanced and healthy diet. Therefore, if you live on junk food and empty calories, you just might have gray hair much sooner than you need to. In the same way, if you eat a healthy diet, you might be able to forestall grey hair.

Other unhealthy lifestyle practices can contribute to going gray much earlier than you need to. For example, it is thought that smokers go grey sooner than non-smokers. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that is available to the body and to hair follicles and that can be a detriment to health that could even cause your hair to turn gray over time. Medical issues can also cause premature gray hair. Conditions like thyroid problems and anemia can make the hair go grey much faster than it would otherwise. Common cancer treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy can kill off healthy body cells, including those that produce hair color, and that could cause your hair to turn gray.

Although there are many products on the market to help you combat grey hairs, these are aimed towards covering up the gray rather than reversing it. Grey hair is a biological process so the quickest way to deal with it is by using color to cover it up.

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