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December 4th, 2019 Comments

GERD: Symptoms And Home Remedies

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Ever heard of GERD? It is just the medical term for acid reflux, or heart burn. No, no it’s not related to heart. But the pain you feel or the burning sensation experienced is close to the heart, so many people may confuse. It has an uncomfortable feeling associated along with it, which can be treated in many ways. We would like mention a few acid reflux remedies.

Why it happens?

To solve any problem we must try to find its root cause so at to get a better solution. Once treated at root level the chances of reoccurrence decline. Actually the over flow of acid from stomach towards esophagus is the problem. It may happen due to many reasons but the main issue is weak LES. LES is a set of muscles that are door guards of the stomach. So when these become lay GERD is caused.

How do I know I have it?

We must carefully observe the symptoms. But never jump to conclusions; all these are for reference only, consult a doctor to be sure. So here they go:

  • Feeling uncomfortable soon after having meals.
  • Uneasiness while swallowing food. Since the esophagus has been irritated the food does not go down well.
  • Having frequent heartburns. Hyper acidity as we know it; happens to many people and usually harmless; but if the frequency is high then it is a reason of concern.
  • Chest discomfort; pressure feeling in the chest along with slight pain. Since the esophagus is close to the heart in the chest, sometimes the pain cannot be differentiated and is confused for a heart attack.
  • Frequent coughing; there will be feeling as if something is stuck in the throat. So the body will try to cough it out, rather the problem is something else.
  • Sometimes diabetes or long illness can reduce your immunity and cause you to have GERD.

You can get to know more about Gerd Diet on, and judge what stage it is and which kind of treatment is suitable.

How do I deal with it?

You do not have to panic. It is very much treatable. You can choose to take medications or go through surgical procedure recommended by the doctor. But this may come with side-effects. There are several other methods also possible for long term relief without the pain of a surgery. We suggest you some acid reflux home remedies:

  • Try drinking alkaline water, it will help neutralize the acid from the stomach and give quick relief and the pain in the throat will go away soon. This will be useful in an early stage.
  • Try DASH diet; though it is suggested for hypertension, but RefluxMD has found it to be useful for GERD patients also.
  • Try to get some physical activity and lose some weight
  • Improve your meal timings and time of going to sleep.

Heartburn is a simple thing which can happen at any age and anytime but it is coming back again and again don’t ignore. It can be knocking of some bigger problem.


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