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December 19th, 2019 Comments

Understanding The Problem Of Heartburn

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Do you feel pain or burning sensation in the chest soon after having your food? You are suffering from heartburn. It is very common health problem that can be faced by any person of any age at any time. Let us understand what is heartburn?

What is it?

Basically when the acid from the stomach flows out to the esophagus, it causes a burning sensation. This happens because the LES; gatekeeper cells become lazy or weak. The acid is not properly retained inside, so when it touches the cell in the throat they are irritated and start to feel as if they are on fire. There is pinching pain also accompanied sometimes. You can look for more details on RefluxMD.

What can be the reasons?

There are many contributing factors. Some are related to our lifestyle and habits as well. We are listing a few below:

  • Eating too much food together at one meal time. When we eat a lot then the food tends to push in so then the acid from inside will come out and cause uneasiness.
  • When we eat spicy food the lining of the throat is made up of sensitive cells which get easily irritated.
  • When we consume rich or heavy to digest food then excess of acid has to be produced to digest it, this can also cause an overflow into the esophagus.
  • If you are in a habit of eating dinner then you do not get sufficient gap between eating and sleeping time. So when we lie down the stomach and esophagus are at the same level and the acid can easily flow out.
  • Pregnancy can also lead to heartburn as with the progress of pregnancy the size of the stomach is reduced tremendously.
  • Excessive smoking or consuming liquor can cause heartburn.
  • It can also be the side effect of some medication you are taking.

What can you do about it?

If the heartburns are regular and painful, kindly do not ignore. Consult a physician or, they will give medication or suggest a surgery if required. The fact is if the problem aggravates it can lead to a major disease such as esophageal cancer. But you can also go in for a few home remedies. Try having alkaline water in excess. Don’t sleep immediately after eating. Eat healthy food, you can try GERD diet or DASH diet. Details are available on RefluxMD.

You may also choose to try baking soda for acid reflux; actually due to its alkaline nature it proves to be very helpful. You should lose excess weight and form a habit of regular physical exercise. This will not only help with heartburn problem but also increase your immunity to fight diseases better. You can try a wedge mattress to sleep as this will relief you from heartburn at night time and give better sleep.

So act immediately, diagnose the problem and do not postpone your treatment; so as to get long term relief. Have a healthy and active life ahead.

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