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January 9th, 2020 Comments

Top 5 Pregnancy Belly Creams – Mom’s Guide to Pregnancy

The time of most chaos and equal happiness should not be the time for skin anxiety for women. During pregnancies, all mothers are supposed to enjoy the ride, but a few of them can avoid the thoughts of the stretch mark, the pregnancy will leave behind. Genetics play a very important role in whether or not the mother-to-be is going to have the stretch marks, but 90 percent of the mothers do have the stretch marks. Some women still believe that stretch marks are forever and over time, they begin to dislike their bellies because of it, the best post-pregnancy belly creams are exactly what they need to look for in order to rest their mental dispute over the marks.

Lilah James’ Mama Belly Butter

Mama Belly Butter from Lilah James’ skincare is the best-rated pregnancy belly cream that stands at the top of the list. This unscented belly butter is a compound of natural ingredient which can improve the condition of the mother’s belly and provide a soothing sensation. Filled with natural oils and butter, this is one the best pregnancy belly creams that can provide the best organic treatment to the itchiness and dryness of the belly and the stretch marks. The cream is unscented and non-greasy; hence it does not leave the skin oily when applied.

The creams hold African shea butter and macadamia nut which heavily deals with the stretch marks by reducing their redness. It soothes the skin with Coconut and Jojoba butter along with Vitamin B5 which helps in nourishing the skin.

Botanic Tree stretch mark remover

Next on the list is Botanic Tree’s stretch mark remover, which is specifically designed to provide prevention against the stretch marks. It is said to be one of the best scar defense belly creams which provide certain removal of the scars stretch marks left behind. Botanic tree flaunts its best organic formula and scores a 93 percent success rate all over and that too, within two months. Botanic Tree stretch mark removal cream can also be used as a scar removing cream by both, men and women. This cream provides hydration to the skin of the user causing it to become smooth.

The cream is a compound of all-natural ingredients like Cocoa butter and Avocado alongside Vitamin E, all of which turn out to be very safe for the mothers to use in both stages; during and after pregnancy.

Mama Mio- The Tummy Rub butter

The Tummy Rub butter is a multipurpose cream that can be used on the belly, thighs, and breasts. It is capable of fighting the stretch marks and fades them away from a mother’s body. It is mainly during pregnancy belly cream which can provide maximum elasticity in order to provide complete prevention against the stretch marks.

On its application, a mother can have a scar-free 9 month period. The three fundamental, yet most effective key ingredients for a belly cream are included in this one as well; shea butter and coconut and avocado oils which leave smooth skin behind, easing the journey of pregnancy for the women.

Source: This Article is Originally published on The Mummy Center.


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