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March 6th, 2010 Comments

NOBody Asked Me But.....

check out my video of THE STAGE dedicated to all actors who make it their life's ambition.......some great new shows coming to the great white way including Come Fly With Me......the Rubin Museum (site of old Barney's on 7th and 17th) is hot singles place and a cool museum...some fabulous actors re-enact Tibetan death scenes and are really interesting...check it out - who knew....favorite actor JJ Kandel is in The Hurt Locker.....want to see cabaret fav, Karen Murphy play Angela Lansbury part in Little Night Music?... happening in April.....has Elvis really left the building??....hear the show Looped is fun, and seeing poster reminded me of time I met Tallulah Bankhead at Tonight Show where she was "looped" and being held up by two guys (not robbed - kept upright, silly).... next week, some secret news about Let My People Come in NYC weekend ahead, weather and clubbing - bye now!



....not going to Oscar party (wasn't invited to any) and not hangin' at Nikki's birthday party at Hard Rock because it is in Vegas....staying home to watch and working (I am lucky...DirectTV carries ABC TV unlike Cablevision customers who are getting screwed!)....had a great time last time at the fabulous Edison Ballroom on W.47th Street hanging with my buds, Russ & Eric, Mercedes & Kent, Sandi & Bob, Linda (Burns, not my future ex) and a new friend and business associate, Melanie LaPatin as guests of Hall of Fame songwriter, Ervin Drake and his wife Edith who were being honored by the Joe Battaligia here I am, Mr. "Not the greatest dancer in the world" on the dance floor with SO You Think YOU Can Dance? TV choreographer, Melanie LaPatin - and I succeeded, NO not at learning at what she was trying to show me - but not looking totally foolish and Melanie said "you didn't step on my feet"....afterwards, Ryan Silverman star of Phantom on Broadway, crooned some american songbook numbers while many friends from Phantom and Come Fly With Me cheered him on....Mr. Silverman is a comer!....then to the Ritz, a club I really enjoy even though I am straight....and a visit with client Brendan Irving and an hello handshake to owner Tom....bye for now...enjoy the Oscars!

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