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rrblume's Blog

March 14th, 2010 Comments

NObody Asked Me But.....

Sunday, March 14....


saw the opening of Looped tonight on Broadway starring Valerie is hysterical and she is wonderful...really channels the great Talullah Bankhead......saw a NY actor Brian Hutchinson in it who really breaks out and should have a great career.....saw many of my friends at opening night party at Sardi's including producers Larry Toppall and Lauren Class Schneider....also saw Mario Cantone and Lynn Cohen from Sex In The City TV and films, lawyer Jason Baruch.....also hung with Metropolitan Room host, Marla Green and friend Christine Dubov......saw Marilyn Maye who just closed Feinstein's last night after a very successful run........celebrate Melanie LaPatin's birthday tomorrow...ouch, mine is coming up soon.....bye for now




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