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catherinepearl's Blog

November 1st, 2011 Comments


    With the passing of each day there are more health supplements that may aid in the daily function of one's body. Although many of today's supplements have been chemically engineered to preserve one's health, the best ones come from mother nature herself. One of the lastest is from a berry that was recently discovered deep in the heart of the amazon jungle and kept secret for many years. Acai berry is a dark grape-like fruit that just started to bear its health benefits onto us. It has shown to be a powerful antioxident that can fight off weight gain, lower one's cholesterol, protect one's cardiovascular system, and greatly reduce the speed of aging. As of now one can get this health supplement thru pill form, powder or liquid. The best part about this superfruit is that modern science is still discovering all the benefits that it can bestow upon the human body and in many health circles its popularity is spreading like wildfire. So the next time that you shop at a health food store, bear in mind how a simple, unknown fruit is bearing all the health benefits that one may need, whether it be for simple or to combat cancer, and if you are smart, all you need to remember is the word "acai."


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