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November 3rd, 2011 Comments

Mary Kay eye primer

Do you wonder where your eye shadow has gone to at the end of the day? Or wonder why the color looks different in the tray than it does on your eye? Or wonder why it all ends up in the crease of your eye after a short time? This in enexpensive  Eye Primer takes care of all of these things! It helps to keep the eye color on for up to 10 hours, keeps it from ending up in the crease, and shows the true color of the eye shadow on your skin! It lasts forever too because only a small amount is needed. It is an excellent product. Being a professional makeup artist, I have worn many different primer's which were described as being the best primer advertised by companies, of course " being one of those people that is always looking for something better I just happen to find it, browsing a mary Kay website. I liked the product so much" I even became a distributor for myslef purchasing product, which is only half the price and keep's me from paying full price for any thing, I buy off the website. I wanted to share my knowledge about this product with you, just in case if you ever decide to try it!


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