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November 3rd, 2011 Comments

Perricone skincare at it best

Changing the signs of skin care"

Have you ever looked in the mirrror, and saw a wrinkle that wasn't there yesterday, or at least you were sure of it? Don't worry time is not your enemy.The natural aging process gets a push from over exposure to the sun,cigarette smoke, enviromental toxins, poor dieting, lacking in vitamins A,C,E, and folic acid, excess alcohol consumtion, harsh soap and sleep deprivation.Even if you never leave the house or ever inhale a puff of smoke, this process will follow anyway .The skin’s oil glands reduce their production significantly after about age 30, and the loss continues over the years.Melanocytes begin to burn out when you reach your late thirties, reducing the skin’s ability to fight sun damage and often causing uneven pigmentation. For most people, a good skin care program that emphasizes nutrition, supplements and topicals can maximize the good qualities of your complexion by improving color, clarity and smoothness while minimizing or resolving problems such as discoloration and fine lines. At the age of 40 the dermis and the fat layers of skin begin to thin and the process picks up after your 50th birthday , The unhappy result    and loss of the plump, youthful softness. The loss of the fat layer also makes the skin more fragile and likely to abrade. None of us can completely escape the physical effects of living long and interesting lives, but each of us will field the slings and arrows time sends our way very differently – and that’s especially true when it comes to our skin. Dr Perricone can offer the way to your skin's new growth and cell regeneration. The one good thing, I can say about Dr.Perricone is that even tho he is a board certified dermatolgist he believes the best way to treat your skin concerns is thru natural cold press products, he processes every thing naturally and its not sent to a lab which cac cause alot of the nutrients to be lost. He practices holistic therapy and grows his own organic plants. he also believes you should eat your way to healthier skin, and has a book based on eating your way to better skin.


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