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catherinepearl's Blog

November 3rd, 2011 Comments

Flourless Bread

Want something just a little different"

Recently I discovered this amazing bread" when I was released from the hospital,after they dicovered how high my cholestrol was and said" I needed to change my diet and , the dietician said" I had to consume less sodium and no added sugar , which means less bread which is a carbohydrate that is broken down turns into sugar that is not good for you. When you have a heart condition or if you ever had a stroke, you need to cut out alot of foods that you were eating before but who likes cutting out breads? It taste good we use it everyday for sandwiches and of course to enjoy with our meals. So no one likes to eat with out bread especially if the the main course is made with a gravy or sauce that we know we are going to use the bread for. However I do try to eat natural foods anyway so I was looking for a bread that would be more beneficial to my health. I shop at a store that only carries natural or organic foods , some of these foods do have less sodium and less sugar in them but some of them don't so you always have to read the labelsand don't always expect something to be health for you, just because its being sold in a natural food store. One day while shopping at my favorite food store "Trader Joe's, I found this bread that has no wheat in it ,no flour, gluten free, yeast free and its baked goods, that is all natural...the name of this bread is called Ezekiel bread its an organic food that taste unblievably good. I stumbled on this bread looking for something with less sodium and sugar. Ezekiel live grain now I am learning more about , and they have cinnamon and raisin yum"my favorite! I also found out that when you heat this bread it even taste better it has six grains and legumes and when combined together its amazing how they make this bread that has no flour and is parallel to the protein found in eggs and milk its gluten free and There are 18 amino acids present in this organic sprouted bread. Its bursting with nutrients and flavor and natural fiber with no added fat. it has become my favorite bread and I eat every day, I enjoy eating healthy now and it taste great.



I have been breadless since July of this year. Last night, I used lettuce as a wrap. It is what it is. I can't really say that I miss bread, and pasta, and rice, and any high carb food. You are absolutely correct about reading the labels. Education is key. A real benefit, and there are many, is that I really enjoy my veggies a lot more than I used to enjoy them.

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