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June 8th, 2012 Comments


PHOTO CAPTION: Samantha Tuffarelli struts her stuff on WB Television's "GOSSIP GIRL."


So, I was mulling several ideas for my next BLOG when this one just came to me. It should come as no surprise as I’ve mentioned this person many times before, however, for good reason. And, I will continue to mention her until I’m blue in the face for several reasons; mainly because I believe in her talent and I am proud of her.

But, also, because I hope that others will learn from her example.

Miss Samantha Tuffarelli just recently won her second contest here on ForTalent, and this one fact shows a lot about her, and the effort she puts forth. For those of you who have been on aDesertIsland, Tuffarelli won the WILL YOU BE MY NEXT GREAT SUCCESS STORY sponsored by yours truly. To say she made the most of this opportunity would be the understatement of the year.

Since winning this contest, she parlayed a dinner with me – where she asked many intelligent questions, including asking my honest opinion about her headshots, discussed 3 movies I suggested she watch (she had promised to watch 2 on the list I gave her), and even made it fun for me by showing me she is not only charming but easy to get a long with – and a free ‘SO YOU WANT TO BE AN ACTOR’ class into the beginnings of a great career.

From her very first monologue submitted, I could tell this actress had talent; and from her very first meeting, I could tell she was not only an interesting and intelligent person to get to know, but a wonderful person to work with. From her very first class, I could tell she had an old school work-ethic that is not matched by many.

“When she goes to do a scene, she drops into character like a professional,” said Bill Sorvino, a master actor himself and the Executive Director of the GOLDEN DOOR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF JERSEY CITY. “You can see when a professional actor drops into character, because everything else is gone. It takes skill and it takes talent – and she has both.

“Of all of these aspiring actors – yet to be discovered - she’s one of the very small percentage of ‘actors’ who are actually working professional actors, and that is because of the sanctity of her profession. If you don’t take that process seriously – if you don’t give yourself over to the sanctity of the profession, then you’re not truly involved in the profession at all. ”

And, Sam is very involved in this profession. In fact, to show you the difference between Sam and someone else, the second-place finisher in the contest had three months to cash in her prize of a half-price class, and still hasn’t nearly six months later. Unfortunately, this is way too common in our industry. How many people still have resisted joining ForTalent – and it’s free!

Samantha Tuffarelli joined because she wants every added advantage she can get. She entered my contest on a whim, and since then, has become my top student and has been cast in several films by me, the first of which will be “A PLACE FOR HEROES,” directed by Scott Thompson and produced by yours truly. She has since gotten a ton of publicity. She has deserved all of it.

“It’s not always easy to get people interested in you. So, when they take an interest, it’s like a validation of your work,” said Tuffarelli. “It’s kind of like when you win an award  - you get that validation. When someone writes something nice about you, it’s another form of validation.

“Plus there’s the hope that it will lead to more work.”

But, even with the recent attention … and validation and the work coming at her, she still had the presence of mind to enter ForTalent’s PUT YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD contest where she won a cover-story on herself in the Daily Single.

Even with a lot of recent publicity, some of which has come in major NYC daily newspapers, and on the major entertainment web-site , Tuffarelli decided that she couldn’t have enough.

It’s one of her many great qualities.

She doesn’t try – she does. She never stops auditioning, learning, and as a result, working. As I told her, she is a sponge! In fact, I met her the day she won this most recent contest and she was already looking at her next several moves in her career.

She is not satisfied, and that is why she will get to the top of the heap.

She doesn’t stop, while at the same time, others sit silently, don’t enter contests, determine what they think is the right way to go about it. While they do that, Tuffarelli takes advantage and wins.

She listens when I give advice, and when there is work to be done, she is there at a moment’s notice. She is schooling herself on every aspect of the business, from acting to producing.

Then again, this is a girl who took an editing course in college – learned rather quickly – and went out and shot a documentary about her ‘Dance Ensemble,’ edited it herself and had it showcased before her troupe’s performance at Fairfield University. She wound up editing her own reel – and it’s an impressive reel, at that.

In this world there are tryers and there are doers, and in my life, I’ve had the good fortune of being called a doer. So, it should come as no surprise that when I met Samantha Tuffarelli, I saw her as a kindred spirit.

Others tell me how this career is what they want – she shows me … every day. As others take a laissez faire approach, Tuffarelli takes advantage.

Is it a wonder she had small role in the first SEX AND THE CITY movie? That she got her first major break at 7 years of age, as a cast member onSESAME   STREETfor three seasons? Taught "Snuffleupagus,"  how to tap-dance? Even played the infamous Oscar The Grouch’s legs, when the tiny actor who normally did this, called in sick?

Is it shocking that she was featured on an episode of GOSSIP GIRL (pictured above)? That she took a role in a 7-minute short film, NO YOU AIN’T ALRIGHT, with a few minutes of screen-time and made a one-dimensional character, funny, sarcastic and charming – much like herself – and showed screen-presence, giving credence to the phrase, ‘there are no small parts, only small actors.’

And, despite her nearly 5-foot-3 height, Tuffarelli always comes up big. She is not small in any sense of the word.

“Did you just call me small? You talking to me?” Tuffarelli quips, an obvious reference to Robert DeNiro’s famous line in TAXI DRIVER. “No, seriously, You talkin’ to me? You know they don’t call me Tuff for nothing.”

But, don’t let this actress fool you, she may be nicknamed “Tuff,” but she is three quarters charm. But no amount of charm is as valuable as the fact that she takes her craft seriously. It’s a great quality to have.

It reminds me of a great moment in Martin Scorsese’s THE DEPARTED where Mark Wahlberg, playing a spirited cop named Dignam, tells an incompetent officer, “I’m the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy.”

Well, Samantha Tuffarelli is the gal that does her job. Do you other people on ForTalent really wish to be the other guy/s?

But, while I am proud of her, this column, is not just about that. Truly, I hope that others will learn from her example. Let’s see who comments on this BLOG and who enters the next contest? Let’s see who truly has the desire to learn from her example.

Let’s see who wants to be the next Samantha Tuffarelli.






As I told before Sam, you are a hero of a filmmaker. I believe that anyone learn from your acting class will be a talent actor/actress. Sam you are really hardworker filmmaker, I am proud of you and admit. Samantha is a great talent actress, she is very adept in every role she play..However she is knowing how to motivate her work around. Good luck Samantha....thumb up Sam..


As I told before Sam, you are a hero of a filmmaker. I believe that anyone learn from your acting class will be a talent actor/actress. Sam you are really hardworker filmmaker, I am proud of you and admit. Samantha is a great talent actress, she is very adept in every role she play..However she is knowing how to motivate her work around. Good luck Samantha....thump up Sam..


Great blog Sam! Wonderful description of Samantha, I am so looking forward to working together! This piece shows fantastic insight, I can tell from reading that you two present expert team work and professionalism. I can't wait to get together!


Holy Mighty! That young lady is on fire. With her talent and drive, she will benefit immensely from any guidance she can glean from the infamous Sam Borowski. So great to see someone who isn't letting her talent go to waste. Great article!


So true again. The people that have the desire and the drive to get the job and then get the job done are the ones who persevere. If you ever stop trying to do what you love, than you have failed yourself.


Sounds like an already shining career is just getting brighter and brighter!


Thank you Kale, we have several projects we are collaborating on, already. Samantha has a tremendous range as an actress, and she never ceases to impress me with her talent, range or work-ethic. She also understands that in this industry, you take the work when you can get it - and you do a wonderful job so it will lead to more work. Thank you for your well wishes and for always supporting my work and my people. Your review of NIGHT CLUB is legendary, and your wonderful recent story about Samantha is equally legendary! All the best to you in the future, as well. - SJB


She seems to be a wonderful person and I know that she is a great actress. I'm glad that she's had so much support from you and I wish you both the best of things in the future.


Excellent BLOG Sam - so glad you signed me up to ForTalent; as a producer I'm always looking for new talent! Excited to work on that project with you - SFF!! Samantha sounds like a wonderful talent - we have to get her in SFF!! Great BLOG again, Sam, and thanks for introducing me to ForTalent ... and Samantha Tuffarelli!!!!


Once again, Sam, young, emerging artists are so grateful for experienced professionals who will push and encourage them to do well through perseverance and action! I’ve been blessed to learn so much from your experience already, and I eagerly wait to learn more; I’m trying my best to remain a sponge as well. Thanks so much for taking the time each week to extend the olive branch of your knowledge through these blogs. On a side note, I absolutely cannot wait to trek out to NYC and meet all these wonderful people, who you’ve praised time and time again. Samantha, even though we haven’t yet met, in my book, you’re already a huge success story for branching young talent, like myself, to model themselves. In addition, as Sam consistently points out, you sound like a dedicated, humble, and genuine human being as well. Speaking as a fellow filmmaker, there’s no combination of qualities that I value more in those I work with. I continue to pray for you both and offer my best wishes; thanks for yours as well. “Onward and Upward!” God bless! Daniel McQ! :)


Sam, Well said ... well said. And a great quote from J.K. Rowling, who certainly has done the VERY BEST with her talent - creating the Billion Dollar HARRY POTTER Franchise. ;) And, a very appropriate quote. You deserve all the kudos in this BLOG. You are now a part of My Inner Circle, heading toward the very top of this business! You've earned all of it! But keep working hard, while you savor each victory, as there are A LOT more victories to come for ALL in my Inner Circle!! Onward and Upward!! I will also end this comment with a quote from 2-time Super Bowl winning coach, Vince Lombardi, for whom, "The Lombardi Trophy" given annually to the Super Bowl Winner is named: "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will." - SJB ;)


Wow...speechless- I know I said how when people write something nice about you it is validation, but this is beyond that! Thank you so much for your kind words and for believing in me. I am so happy I won another contest! FORTALENT has definitely opened up many doors for me. Such as meeting Sam who has opened even more, and helping me get my work noticed especially with this new win for Daily Single!  Usually the hard work goes unnoticed and people just see the results, but Sam you see the battle, blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices that go into it. And you know more than anyone because you've been there done that.  HARD WORK. That is my secret and that's why I keep having small victories!!  To see that others appreciate my work ethic and talent makes me know I am going in the right direction and makes me want to work even harder not to let these people down. Being called professional by Bill Sorvino who might be part of the most professional family in this business is an honor. Thanks Bill!! This my my job- my way of life, I can't half *** it or those are the results I will get so I put my everything into it and the results show for it! I have to stay motivated and keep pushing myself to get to the next level and people like Sam are helping me stay on track and get there! We all need a support system and I have a great one!! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! Everyone else listen to Sam and take his advice trust me it won't hurt you!! He is beyond passionate about this business and all in all a good person which is rare to come by these days- he is here writing a blog to help take advantage and ask questions - take control of your career and surround yourself with the real deal! Onward and upward!!! Here is a little quote I like to live by: "I want to be remembered as someone who did the very best with the talent she was given." - J.K. Rowling, J.K. Rowling: A Year In The Life

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