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April 24th, 2014 Comments

Venus Factor-So why these diets work?

The theory, according to which before lunch you can eat whatever you want, as these calories "burn", and that after six in the evening have to fast not to gain weight overnight, is no more than a myth .

The cycle of human metabolism lasts a few days, since the food is gradually digested.
Clearly the cake eaten in the morning is the same as eating the cake afternoon or evening - the time of ingestion of food is not as important as the amount ingested.

Although this does not exclude the fact that overeating at night does not, in fact, nothing good for health.
So why these diets work?

You will easily find people claiming that failed to lose weight and lose weight with diet Montana or the theory of food combining, although at first glance it seems that these diets should not work.
What happens is that people simply change their eating habits.

However absurd it is to diet, to follow her, any person becomes more careful with what you eat and end up losing weight as a result of healthier eating or less total calories, and not at the expense of a miracle diet.
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Taking as a basis unproven scientific theories, the popular diets of Montana and the theory of food combining no more than attempts to force people to feed themselves properly.

It is for this reason that there is a positive feedback on these absurd diets.

The next stage of CKD will be directed to the activation of anabolic processes in the muscles.

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