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February 5th, 2015 Comments

n addition to the previous World Cup

To top partners, which FIFA partner for 8 years contracts, companies need to pay FIFA US $ 250 million to 300 million, or $ 30 million to $ 40 million a year; for a single World Cup sponsor of the downgrading, 80 million dollars from FIFA's bottom line. Investment is so great, adidas natural look forward to equal or even higher returns. FIFA said both official partner and the official supplier, are from an exclusive and high recognition rates benefit FIFA's official logo. Through a variety of marketing tools, sponsor   vans old skool s will own the products, services and brands connect with World Cup, generally get the transcript. Take a look at adidas in recent years profit from football competition. 2006 Germany World Cup, the match ball "team star"

Best selling 10 million, the ball in Germany home sells for 60 euros, and price in China is RMB 990. Not hard to figure out, just by selling ball, adidas on a turnover of up to EUR 600 million to 1 billion. And now, in addition to the previous World Cup "celebrate" continues to make money such as Jersey, adidas sponsored 6 teams competing in this European Cup, Spain won, t-shirts, team jerseys hot sale adidas also make money. Adidas's success is not only the World Cup's a gun and Red has always  vans half cab  been accurate and sustained attention to the sport's World Cup marketing strategy for adidas to gain today's results. And this is also China's clothing enterprises need to learn from. The same way, Pepsi to Coke in the beverage market, competition is fierce. A brand

Success needs millions of people's efforts to build together, and big brand marketing activities, is an integral part of brand-building. Adidas humanized this is looking at the World Cup, makes its own brand has been a qualitative improvement. Germany adidas Group outdoor sports products sold well. Outdoor Product Manager Rolf Reinschmidt said in a media interview last year sales increased 40% in the field has increased from 300 million euros. As of now, the adidas Group has not yet released the outdoor products business earnings. Leading outdoor products mammoth (Mammut) and Sha Leroy (Salewa) brand 2011 profit of 175 million euros, Sch which FFEL branded receipts amounted to EUR 93.5 million. Germany one of the biggest outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin receipts amounted to 355 million euros. ADI da


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