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February 5th, 2015 Comments

Nike in the European market

His resounding victory. Speaking from the team's performance, adidas sales in Europe also was perfect as well. On the team's performance is directly related to sales of adidas profits. According to internal analysis, if Spain won the game, adidas launched the Spain team commemorative t-shirts will be doubled. Such numbers, adidas claims before the European Championships start "net profit would be between 400 million and 450 million euros in 2012" was too modest. Euro marketing direct sales  vans rata vulc  profits for adidas. With regard to profit, according to a well-known institutions abroad analysis of data shows that events like Euro 2012 football on the promotion of merchandise sales to about 5%. Germany data said the advisory body, 2012 global soccer merchandise sales of over 4 billion euros. He estimated adidas's market share is about

38%, Nike 36%, followed. For the European Cup's help, adidas official said, driven by Euro 2012, 2012, its sales of football-related products of more than 1.5 billion euros (1.87 billion dollars). While annual sales of more t vans high tops han $ 20 billion, Nike said fiscal 2011 revenue of 1.8 billion dollars from soccer products. According to statistics from adidas because of holding and FIFA and other clubs, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich Agreement ahead of Nike in the European market. Industry insiders estimate, replication of Euro 2012 Jersey is expected to sell 7 million, only one item can be guaranteed at least 500 million euros ($ 623 million) in retail sales. It can be said that because of the World Cup marketing, adidas has achieved win-win results. Interpretation of the adidas sports marketing:

FIFA said global cooperation partners adidas, say that is Nike. Nike is a company steeped in tradition, in the World Cup, and consistent performance is not very good. But the success of Nike and Jordan are very closely related, it's celebrity strategy has always been to play the celebrity card, had little to do with football. In football, adidas has always been beyond Nike. The World Cup, ahead of the euro, though the Nike World Cup-related advertising campaigns and successfully as the official sponsor of the World Cup, invests heavily to steal consumers ' attention. As events progressed, this trend began to reverse, large sponsors such as adidas pays attention. Adidas is based on FIFA's marketing partners to participate as European Cup, FIFA has many cooperative sponsors, adidas


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