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March 6th, 2015 Comments

I do not think he

face on the ability to fight back strong, positioning the ball to score a strong saucony jazz original uk   ability to Atletico, so the defense can withstand the pressure is unknown. "World Sports Daily," said the "Bell became desperate at the Bernabeu, which Mingweiershi people because individualism was recently criticized the Bernabeu last week, it was the fans booed him, but he did not get to learn from, and this time let Two teammates waiting for the opportunity to be disappointed, his teammate Benzema seemed a bit angry, squat in the penalty area.


This is not the first time Bell show their individualistic. "last round of La Liga, Real Madrid 4-1 comeback win at home the Royal Society, but Bell has once again been the home fans booed. In this regard, coach Carlo Ancelotti once again expressed support for the Welsh. "In fact, I do not think he would care to those boos, I will not. I   saucony shadow original uk    think he will not have to worry about, he did well at present, the state is very good, I hope he can in this state maintained. For the moment, Bell is doing its utmost to help the team. Last season he had had a very good performance, to know that in a key game in three events, he had to score for Real Madrid. This Season

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