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October 30th, 2017 Comments

How To Fix The Pairing Problem With Fire TV Remote Application?

If you are suffering from Fire TV remote app issues, then here is the best resolution for fixing all the problems related to it. So go through the following passage to get the resolution steps for it.


Fire TV Remote App has a significant number of users, among which many of the users face pairing issues with it. This issue might occur due to any installation error took place at the time of installation, network problems with Wi-Fi, accessive cached data, etc. So to overcome the pairing issues, we need to verify if the installation went right or not, Check whether the App is receiving good internet speed or the speed of your wireless network is enough to run the Fire TV remote application. So if you also face such issues, then go through the following Fire Tv Support  steps for fixing the problem.

Go through the installation checks :

  • Check if the app is installed correctly on your device.
  • Ensure the device used for downloading and installing the app is compatible with Fire TV Remote application of not. The Fire TV Remote App works perfectly on all Kindle Fire tablets, Fire phones, Android devices with version 4.0 or higher and iOS devices with 7.0 version or greater. So you should assure that you are using any of these devices for using Fire TV remote application.
  • Also, check if the app installation process got over correctly or not. If not, then you should try to reinstall it for fixing the pairing or any other issues with it. For more help, you can also get Amazon Fire Tv Support.

Check the network settings for your Wi-Fi : Run a speed test to the measure of speed for your Wi-Fi. Visit to get the best test result for your internet speed. Compare the resulted speed with the minimum required speed for running Fire TV Remote Application. If the speed is more than the minimum required speed, then it means Wi-Fi is not the reason for pairing issues. But if ever you found that the speed of Wi-Fi doesn't meet the minimum required speed for running the application, then you need to boost the speed of your internet by going through the possible troubleshooting steps. If you are unable to improve the speed, then you should report the concern to the service provider of your internet.

Ensure the device used for downloading the Fire TV Remote App to is using the internet through your H=home Wi-Fi network. To get the best Fire TV Remote app performance, you should connect your Fire TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

Change the IP settings of your router to "Automatic" and ensure the Multicast support is allowed on it.

Stop mirroring of Content : Stop using other devices for Mirroring your content to your Fire TV as it disables the functioning of Fire TV Remote app.

Stop using other accessories and remotes: Disable all the accessories and remote that are presently not in use. You can disconnect these from the option for “controller and Bluetooth devices” under “Settings” menu of your Fire TV.

Delete the cached data on Fire TV Remote application : You can remove the cached data for this app on all the compatible devices except the devices with the iOS operating system. Whereas if you are using the app on Android device, then go through the following steps to delete the cached data for your Fire TV Remote App :

  • Tap on the “Settings” menu.
  • Select the option for “Application Manager.”
  • A list of running applications will open up. So choose the “Fire TV Remote App."
  • Tap on the button labeled as “Clear Data” and click on “OK” if you received a prompt.
  • Re-launch the Fire TV Remote application, and try to pair it again.

Performing this steps might fix the pairing issues with Fire TV Remote application. Also, remember you should always get Fire Tv Support for addressing all the Fire TV concerns.


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