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June 14th, 2018 Comments

What Types of Martial Counselling Approaches are There?

There are three separate clinical approaches to marital counseling couples counsellor Toronto.

The first is to expand the psychoanalytic orientation that is highly prevalent during this period, focusing on the individual dynamics of each spouse. Customers are accepted individually or by the same therapist or in collaboration with a colleague.

The second approach is distancing itself from psychoanalytic issues and focuses only on the treatment of marital relationships. It shows how important it is to treat marital conflict in the presence of both partners, to monitor their communication and to identify their conflicts immediately.

The third approach focuses on the need to assess both the individual dynamics of each spouse and the particular way in which the interweaving of individual patterns leads to dysfunction in communication and relationship. Such an approach involves mixing different clinical strategies, including individual, collaborative and collaborative methods.

The terms "family counseling" and "family therapy" are used interchangeably by many practitioners in the field.
The development of modern family counseling

The development of family counseling is much more than the development of a separate clinical method. It marks the beginning of a major change in the field of therapy to the understanding that relationship disorders are related to family processes with the network of personal connections and the social environment. Since the late 1940s, the idea that people are acting within systems also finds place in family therapy. Marriage counseling and family therapy are now merged into the more common marital and family therapy discipline. Many therapists, who are mostly identified as marriage counselors, also include children as ancestors in therapy for one or more sessions. Conversely, some family therapists prefer to work with the marital relationship once the children who initially have the symptoms are removed from the focus of attention.
Three are the main forms of family counseling:

1. Different consultants work with different family members in different sessions.

2. Competitive theory-the same consultant works with different family members in separate sessions.

3. A joint theory consultant works with the whole family.

In connection with focusing on the family system, the most common are three stages or a combination of two or three therapies.

Systemic orientation is inherent in the whole area of ​​marital and family therapy. However, it is interpreted differently in different models - the structural, the strategic, the surviving, the communicative, the psychodynamic. Along with this broad orientation, there are also other schools related to social learning and the personality-centered approach.

System theory is the common framework for a wide range of therapies. Many therapists refer to her, but everyone looks at it somewhere different. Marital relationships exist within a system of interpersonal communication. Once this structure is defined, the specific goals of the change are also set.

Representatives of behavioral theory view marital distress as a disorder of mutual support. Partners can experience changes in their feelings and knowledge of their relationships by increasing positive and reducing negative actions.

In clinical practice, the various theoretical models are related to specific clinical strategies. Experienced therapists, however, know the different points of view and mix them systematically in their orientation.
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