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March 31st, 2010 Comments

Alex Kummert, Funniest Person on

At just 17 years old, Alex Kummert (Funmert442) won the title of “Funniest Person on” While this might seem a bit young, Alex has actually been performing stand-up comedy since he was 13.


Growing up in Woodinville, Wash., Alex started performing for his family in his pre-teen years. As he got older, he attended open mics around town and became a popular act at his high school talent show.


Alex said his first comedic inspiration was Jerry Seinfeld, the first comic he ever heard.  


“I think my comedic style is observational/topical comedy, but I incorporate my own experiences/opinions into the jokes as well,” Alex said.


Alex is excited for the opportunity to get feedback and advice from stand-up comic and coach Mary Dimino, who has appeared on HBO, Comedy Central and VH1.


“I hope to learn as much as I can from her. She's very experienced in the stand-up comedy field, so whatever advice she has to give me I will definitely listen to,” he said.


Alex owes his success to his family and friends, who he said inspired him to overcome his fears and take to the stage to pursue his dreams. He also acknowledges that this opportunity is available to him because he is a member of the community—a community that he says “is a great platform for any aspiring artist.”


The winning video:

Open Mic

Alex Kummert (add me!) | MySpace Video



LOL. Congrats, Alex! Great video!


HA! Nice work. The real deal. Keep it up, Alex :)!!!


More power to you, Alex! Congratulations again!


Thanks guys! Thanks for writing this...I emailed it to my parents haha :)

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