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May 26th, 2010 Comments

COMIX, NYC, 5/25/10

If there was ever a night to walk around New York City, last night was the one.  There were loads of people enjoying the warm, breezy evening; bicycles were zipping up and down the avenues, people were enjoying their dinners on the sidewalks and sipping cocktails with the windows and doors open, dogs were getting much-needed fresh air from their stuffy apartments.  It was a grand evening to enjoy; only one thing could make it better: laughter. 

Luckily for me, I was at Comix on the lower west side last night.  Added to the already splendid evening was some truly hysterical jokes, mixed with a few doozies of course, which is to be expected.  I laughed, I cried... I looked at my watch.  The comics ran the gamut, more than I anticipated, even for amateur night.  Some made my mascara run, while others made my mind wander about whether or not my car would get a parking ticket for expired time on the meter.  Unfortunately, the ladder occurred more than the former. 

Several comics stood out as I was on my quest for laughter; however, their names escape me now that a new day has begun.  One gentleman did impressions, which generally does not do it for me, but this was an exception.  His impression of Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton and Charlie Sheen chatting in a sexaholics anonymous meeting was side-splitting.  One of the female comedians joked about the "Your Baby Can Read" commercials and I almost fell off my chair laughing.  The final comedian joked about almost every aspect of our social lives: homosexuality, mothers, sex, politics... everything you can imagine in just under 10 minutes.  I found him to be witty until he got stuck on politics and propaganda... don't quit your day job.  Correct me if I am mistaken, but we don't come to comedy clubs to listen to that crap... make me laugh, don't try to sway my political views!  I can watch CNN for that. 

Finally, as the evening was coming to a close, there was a comedian on stage who looked strikingly familiar.  He was introduced as the weird but amusing Howard Rapp.  Coincidentally, it was the Howard Rapp from!  Rapp followed the "Your Baby Can Read" comedian, a tough act to trail.  He did so, however, with enthusiasm and fortitude.  Although new to the scene, Rapp was able to persuade the audience with his jokes about being perceived as a homosexual, as well as his humorous experiences working at the Gap.  Overall, it went well for him; as any new comedian on the stage, he is a little rough around the edges, but unlike many of his colleagues, he has great potential and great presence on the stage.  You can tell he is comfortable performing, something I can’t say for many of the other amateurs on stage last night.


Needless to say, the evening provided amusement, thanks to the few entertaining characters at Comix.  I will not hesitate to check out the new comedians in the future, should I find myself strolling around the city on such a night.




Awesome Blog. I wanted to hear more..... =)


It sounds like a great night! I am glad you had good time :)


You are a captivating writer.


Lisa, this is a great blog entry! An entertaining read, and I am in complete agreement. Howard did a great job last night at Comix. I'm excited to see him grow as a performer!


Very well-written, Lizapear!


Great entry lizpear! Loved it! :-)

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