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rrblume's Blog

July 24th, 2010 Comments

Nobody Asked Me But.....

I am back.  Hi all....finally back to writing after months of health issues and award show preparations.  Also look forward to re-starting the Weatherford Wilson Blume report videos soon.


First of all - congratulations to Natalie for winning the ForTalent dance contest...she is a talented client of Step Forward Entertainment and will have a big career, I predict.  Had fun seeing her at IN THE HEIGHTS and at her audition for Diary of A Wimpy Kid 2.  


Quick update on my happenings - Consulting Producer of big musical for the Fringe Festival, Spellbound The Fantasy Musical;  looking for a new Director for Blacker, the Russ Weatherford play bound for England;  raising funds for the next version of Let My People Come; and have crack development team in place for Drama Desk Awards to move next year forward.


Will write more later - have things to do.  Have a great weekend everyone!


Oh, almost forgot - kudos to Clyde Baldo for his riveting production of Glimpses, as well as Joseph Callari for his incredible and frightening monologue to close the show!!



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Thank you so much for mentioning me in your article :) I had so much fun at my audition and getting to spend the evening with you. Dinner was great and the show was AMAZING. Especially getting to meet Corbin Bleu. He is so nice :)Sardi's was really cool too. The pictures all over the wall were so neat to see and the chocolate ice cream was the best I ever had. Hope to see you again soon!


Good to see that you're back! I missed reading your articles. Glad to know that you're feeling better!

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