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July 15th, 2011 Comments


And the winner is.....


ForTalent Winner of Make It Reel free professional video reel - Natalie 15-7-2011.jpg


The winning submission:


"I just want to tell everyone how much I would appreciate you helping me get a reel. I have been trying really hard to act and sing and dance and model. It is hard for agents and directors to get to see all the stuff i have accomplished and to see how much I really enjoy it because I don't have a reel yet. It is hard when you are a kid to save up money for things because I don't get to babysit alot because of school so this would help ALOT! I promise everyone that I will do an AMAZING reel and will make you all proud :) As my managers say..... I am a triple threat! Now I want everyone in the world to see that i can be their next BIG star!!!!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE with a cherry on top vote for me! Thank you, thank you Fortalent family! I love and appreciate you all!"




The Runnner Up is:


Make It Reel ForTalent Contest Runner-up


Thank You for the members that have participated in the contest.

A Special Thank You to Lee Kaplan & makeitreellogo.JPG for this great opportunity that they have given our members.


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