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November 1st, 2011 Comments


Although just being in the public eye within the past 20 years, the health benefits of resveratrol has been realized throughout human history. Since Ancient Rome, there has been a saying "In vino sanitas", which means in wine there is health. Resveratrol has been found within blueberries and grapes, and widely enjoyed in wine. Not only has resveratrol proven to aid in the cell's ability to heal and regenerate, but also in protecting one's cardiovascular system from the buildup of plaque in arteries. One of its key components is its effects on the sirtuin gland, which, when properly supplemented by resveratrol, initiates the full regeneration of the body's cells. When taking resveratrol as a regular supplement, the full benefits that it can bestow upon the human body has been compared to turning back the hands of time. The healing effects and molecular protection that it can offer has allowed many to not only live longer, but also increase the quality of their everyday lives by increasing the overall health of the human body on a cellular level. If one were to recall the legend of the fountain of youth, than they can say that it doesn't take a cross-country expedition to find it, all one has to do is either look for grapes or blueberries, a good bottle of wine or the pill that has a concentration of that life-giving supplement. With each passing day there are more studies being conducted to fully understand its full benefits upon the human body, but as one can see, its past history has already proven its potential.


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