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November 1st, 2011 Comments

Vines by caudalie

Ever wonder why, some people look great and hide there age well, while other's look older and we dare not say a word, carefully not to insult the fragile ego. I have a friend that is the same age I am, but she looks so much older due to the fact she does not use any skin care products on her skin, she says" its hereditary, but that is false anyone can have great skin if you are using the right skin care regime. I have been using skin care products since I was 15 years old and it has cetainly paid off now that I am approaching 50. I look 10 years younger most people say, and I am always looking for the next best product, one that will continue erasing the signs of aging or at least slow it down. The latest product which is new by Caudalie"vinexpert firming serum. This product is made from resveratrol, a product that I take everday internally , resveratrol will stop the aging process while waking up the surtuin gland which is found in the body, after a certain age or poor dieting it goes to sleep. When you take the resveratrol it wakes it up and stops the aging process in its tracks . Now they have something that works on the outside while you take something for the inside which makes me very excited. This is a concentrate product that provides immediate lift for aging skin.what it doesnt have is Parabens,sulfates synthetic dyes and phthalates. This super serum contains the resveratrol, a patented compound that aids the body's production of collagen and promotes a longer cell life span. Now you can fight the aging process both from the inside out.


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