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November 3rd, 2011 Comments

Blending Strips

Wow" oh wow now this is amazing....

Now you can have fuller or longer hair, inexpensively, quickly & easily, plus you can also create any highlights instantly without coloring your hair any more. It’s so fine and natural you or anyone can run your fingers through your hair with the feeling and confidence of pure naturalness. Turn your own hair into a beautiful head of hair quickly & easily.Introducing Blending Strips….. The finest method of adding hair, quickly and easily, that’s the Blending Strips advantage. Just three simply steps …. Just Section, Lock and Blend, and you have fuller or longer hair, or subtle or brilliant highlight.Due to an exclusive and unique creation that is taking the world by storm, hair can now be added quickly, easily and in the finest and safest way. Blending Strips are composed from the famous Blending Strand® creation. The safest, finest way to increase hair volume and/or length in the world! This Blending Strand® creation is composed of an advanced filament that is as fine as one single hair but about ten times stronger. This highly advanced Blending Strand® is transparent with single human hairs coming out of it, so when placed in between your hair and onto your scalp single human hairs seem to appear as if they are growing directly out of your scalp. You’ll experience the most natural, safest and lightest head of hair like no other.

Blending Strips come in two easy to apply sized – 12”(wide) by 2”(deep), or a 7” X 2”.

Plus there is also Hair-Line Blending Strips, made of an extra light hair density so when placed within any part of your hair-line it fades away therefore creating a purely natural fuller hair-line. You can also apply Hair-Line Blending Strip anywhere on your head to create a very subtle fill-in.

The advantage and benefit of Blending Strip being available in these two sizes provides you the ease to apply them quickly and easily, and anywhere throughout your hair at any time. Plus, you can simply add only one Blending Strips or as many as you desire therefore creating any style or look imaginable. A beautiful hair advantage hair unlike any other. Want some more exclusive advantages? Blending Strips can actually be cut, by you easily, into any size Blending Strip you desire. The advance Blending Strand® creation, from which Blending Strips are made from, can actually be cut quickly and easily by yourself into virtually any size Blending Strip. Example, make your 12” x 2” Blending Strips into two 6” x 2” Blending Strips, orthree 4” x 2” Blending Strips. Or make your 7” x 2” Blending Strips into two 3 ½ “ x 2” Blending Strips, the possibilities are virtually endless. Experience more value and enjoyment than any other hair extension, method or hair volumizer in the industry. Color matching is also simple, quick and easy. Each individual Blending Strips color is iridescent colors. Iridescent colors are created from adding multiple color tones that make each individual color. Great benefits arrive from iridescent colors. Each Blending Strip iridescent hair color blends naturally into virtually any color hair you have.

A natural experience only available from Blending Strips. Plus, Blending Strips is the only hair volumizer and/or hair extension that has the Blending Factor. Blending Strips are airy and open, allowing you to blend your own hair through the Blending Strips. Because there is only one human hair at a time fed onto the Blending Strips when your own hair is blended in between the Blending Strips your hair and the Blending Strips hair will always blend purely naturally. A quick and easy perfect blend all the time. Spectacular highlights; at your finger tips any time. Due to the extreme fineness of Blending Strips in combination with only one human hair fed onto each Blending Strips you can add any hair color Blending Strip, no matter how opposite from your own hair color, and create outstanding brilliant highlights like no other, quickly & easily, and without having to spend money or face the risk of color your own hair. Imagine, you having the ability to add any highlights, quickly and easily. That’s another exclusive Blending Strip’s advantage. Another benefit you’ll love is the advantage of filling in bald areas too. Introducing Flex-Strips for bald. Flex-Strips are so purely naturally when place onto a bald areas each single hair from the Flex-Strips will appear to be growing directly out of your scalp, an incredible purely natural benefit exclusive to Flex-Strips.How this is possible, Flex-Strips are made from the transparent Blending Strands®, and are joined close together with single human hairs fed onto each Blending Strand. With Flex-Strips the Blending Strands® are designed close together with single human hair fed onto the Blending Strands, so because theseWith Flex-Strips, the Blending Strands are not only transparent with single human hairs attached, each Blending Strands is created close together, so when placed on a bald area each individual human hair from the Flex-Strips appear to be growing directly out of the scalp. Even more remarkable, all you have to do is press these Flex-Strips onto your scalp and they hold instantly, through showering and swimming. Experience the safest, lightest, most natural head of hair, Flex-Strips for bald areas and Blending Strips to increase existing hair volume and/or hair length. Blending Strips and Flex-Strips were created from Dino Dondiego, also the founder of Sequence Inc. in 1989. Dondiego the Blending Strand® creator, developed Sequencing®, the safest, lightest most natural customized method of increasing hair volume and/or length in the world, also created from the famous Blending Strand®. Dondiego’s belief - To provide freedom of life through the enjoyment of your hair. Dondiego also being a client of his own creation connects with the personal touch of what is needed. “To increase hair volume and/or length as if nothing is there but your own hair”, this being Dondiego’s obsession caused him to invent the Blending Strand®.   


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