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November 3rd, 2011 Comments

What is your favorite skin care products, and do they really work?

(Myths and Truth About Skin Care Products)

How often do you hear people say" how great there skin care line is? They have been faithful to the same product for years now . I was guilty of that, I admit it" but no more, the truth is our skin changes everyday the older we get our skin loses more elasticity and vibrance as we age . Some don't realize as time goes on you just can't use oil of olay and still say" it worked for you then, why shouldn't it work for you today? Sorry ladies but as a skin care specislist I have to say" that what works for your skin when you were younger will not give you the same results. As we grow older our skin maturesand goes through many different phases depending on our hormones and how much we indulge in life's excesses.I am a makeup artist and a skin care specialist and one of thing's I always teach my clients is that your skin changes and so should your skin care. When we were teenagers and in our twenties the collagen (which gives our skin strength) and the elastin (which is the stretchy part of the skin) become weaker and by the time we are in our thirties, you may also start to lose some of your skin tone because the elastic support from your lymph glands - responsible for flushing out toxins - starts to weaken. So when we reach the age forty your lymphatic system starts to slow right down (Lymphatic drainage )- the way your body gets rid of toxins - decreases in speed and the elastic fibres that support your lymph glands break down. This can result in puffiness around your eyes and cheeks. So when we finally reach the age fifty,Some of the changes in the body are due to menopause which has a dramatic effect on your skin. Moisturizing has become highly important. As you age your blood moves slower through your body, the result is much drier skin. Not only does it become drier, especially from the heat and the dry desert environment but also loss of elasticity begins in this stage. This loss of elasticity helps the skin to begin the very first stages of the drooping and sagging process. Of course, gravity is Not our friend at this point. So when reaching for your skin care there is one thing you have to remember what works for a twenty year old cannot work for a fifty year old . we need skin care that can give us back what we lost, That is when you need an expert like my self that can help you fit the needs of your skin from your twenties to your fifties and up. Just remember your skin care does not have be expensive you can find some of the best skin care in your local pharmacies as well as Sephora or the mall that carries skin care lines. There are some skin care lines that are not sold in stores some by reps only like "Marykay,and Arbonne, however , I do use marykay its one of the products that I found worked best for my skin and its not expensive like some of the products you find in stores. I like looking young and I like using a product that works best for me and doesn't cost me, my paycheck, so ask" me any skin specialist what you need for your skin, and you can let her know what you would like your budget to be when talking about your skin care. Don't be afraid to ask any questions,or tell how old you are now, you can look younger with the right skin care regime and no one will ever know what your true age is. It worked for me and it can work for you, I am 50 years old" and I am happy with th eway I look. So if you have any comments about what you do or don't like about your skin care and why you think you have to pay more for your skin care products when someone else of the same skin, pays for less. You don't have spend your entire pay check to look amazing. There are alot of skin care products out there but don't get pused into believing that something cost more than its better for your skin "trust me its not. I have been a skin care specialist for two decades and I know what works.


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