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November 21st, 2011 Comments


So, for my first BLOG here on ForTalent, I thought what better or more timely subject matter than the most recent contest - WILL YOU BE MY NEXT GREAT SUCCESS STORY?


One of the ways this came about was the tremendous response I've had to my acting class - the next of which (Saturday, November 26) is full. And I've met so many young, talented actors filled with passion ... and most importantly the desire to learn and grow. One of the things we as artists - and especially actors - need to do is to grow, to evolve. We must first know ourselves deeply, before we can know others. That is a Universal truth. However, we must also first know ourselves before we can reach our potential as artists.


We also must learn the simple truths - and rules - of this business of ours. That is another component to the class, and in a few of my recent new students, I have seen this wonderful sponge-like desire, to want to take in all this knowledge. So, I thought what better way to reward a talented performer than to offer them a free class, and a personal dinner, where they could at last fire every question that came to their mind. About my class. About the business. Ask about their headshots - ask my unconditional, honest opinion. Get advice that could help them gain a leg up. Maybe show me a side of their talent and personality that I hadn't seen.


This business is all about personal relationships and maintaining them. I have to admit when casting a movie, I often have a person in mind for each role from the very start. Some of them could be famous Academy Award Winning actors (and I have worked with a few Wink), or major character actors. Or they could be a talented unknown from my class such as Bryan Williams, whom I plucked from obscurity and put opposite one such Oscar-Winner - Ernest Borgnine - in a lead for my most recent film, "NIGHT CLUB." Or an unknown such as Michael Maugeri, also discovered in my class for a small role in NIGHT CLUB, as well as a full-time member of my crew. He too got remunerated with not only pay but a free trip to California and a stay at a 5-star hotel.


He also is receiving a part in my next film, "POLLINATION." But, THAT is a subject for another BLOG ....


One actor received her imdb page because of a small role in my films, and both of my students - the aforementioned Maugeri and Anthony Pallino - placed one and two, respectively in the DOES THE CAMERA LOVE YOU headshot contest here at ForTalent. Still yet another is negotiating with a major studio to sell his script - and hopefully - to play one of the lead roles opposite a name you have surely heard of.


My actors hone their craft and they get better. They gain confidence and lifelong friendships. They work. A few years back I had the good fortune to work with a talented young actress whom I put in my movie "REX." She went on to win several awards in major New York film festivals. And we worked together on another project, THE MANDALA MAKER, which went on to qualify for the Oscars in the Best Live Action Short category.


This new contest offers one such actor the chance to not only get a free class, a free dinner (whoever said there was no such thing as a free lunch?Wink), but to connect personally with me. To convey their desire to learn, their wonderful work-ethic, their wonderful talent .... and to show me a side of their personality that perhaps I hadn't previously seen. A side that will help convince me they deserve to be on the BIG SCREEN.


Bryan Williams was nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for his role in NIGHT CLUB in the GOLDEN DOOR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF JERSEY CITY. He also has another nomination coming up. In addition, he has gained a few other roles since doing my sweet film. He worked opposite Borgnine and Paul Sorvino and Ahney Her from Clint Eastwood's GRAN TORINO.


Michael Maugeri was cast in "POLLINATION," and I have him in mind for another role. He also received a second free trip to California when he traveled with me to our closed cast screening of NIGHT CLUB just about a year ago - before our World Premiere as the Closing Night Film at the Phoenix Film Festival. He has many other opportunities coming to him.


What about you? Will YOU be my next great success story? You won't know until you apply. But, I have already been alerted to many wonderful actors here at ForTalent. Some, have had classic training and others are rough around the edges? Do YOU have the confidence that you will stand out in this contest? I already have my eye on some talent that surprisingly has not booked my class yet. Could YOU be that person?


Submit your best monologue - write me a passionate, intelligent and lengthy essay on why you want to be an actor. Or, even better, why you ARE an actor. Show me you can follow directions and that you can read. Show me why YOU will be my next great success story. Take the time, make the effort, and you may be surprised at the fruit it will bare.


All it takes is a computer and a dream.



Great blog. As for me, I don't have square pants, but I have met a Patrick Star (Patrick Wilson on Broadway). I entered the US Army as a Private. I got out as a Captain. In other words, I can take direction, as well as criticism. I hope you pick me. I'll do my best not to let you down. Happy Thanksgiving. Regards, David

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