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January 15th, 2014 Comments

A few suggestions for those who do not drink the water

A few suggestions for those who do not drink the water

A habit to drink water . Every effort vərdisdə as well as the need to drink niyyətlənməniz . How is that for a child to acquire the habit of brushing your teeth color brushes , attractive materials for yourself , you can choose the visuals . Water consumption can make a comfortable , durable panel will see the icmənizi pitcher , cups , thermos you can buy .Muscles Building Solution

- Waking up , 15 minutes before a meal , to win the habit of drinking water before going to sleep on a regular basis in accordance with the settlement can of water to drink .
- During the day, tea , coffee, lots of water, eat plenty of place to eat .
Memoirs of a what - if eating and drinking habits panel must be in the water .
- Water in this situation where there is opportunity to convert water to drink immediately .
Social media is the first choice of soft or alcoholic drinks instead of water or get mineral water .
- Keep water in a bottle with you while traveling .
Sevmirsinizsə - water taste , mint leaves into a pitcher of water , according to the season pomegranate seeds , grape seeds , and fruits such as lemon slices to add color and flavor to the visuals enriching the water , drinking can increase motivation .
A bottle of water next to your head while you sleep , you wake up and hold.
- Work environment , panel , panel stəkanızda Put filling in again after the end of the water .

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