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January 16th, 2014 Comments

Second Degree Sunburn

Exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause two levels of damage to the skin, and these are first degree and second degree sunburn. Both types of skin damage are caused by direct exposure of the skin to the UV rays when sun protection cream either is not used at all or the incorrect level of cream is used.

Ultraviolet Exposure

In life it is not always possible to remain away from exposure to UV rays, and it is often days when the sun shines unexpectedly or there are clouds in the sky that individuals find themselves being the unexpected victims of sunburn.

UV exposure is more harmful to some people than others and those at particular risk include:

Those with fair skin
People who have freckles
Red- or fair-haired people and those with light colored eyes
Those who belong to any of these categories will undoubtedly be aware how easily their skin burns even with short periods of exposure to the sun and in light of these risks are sensible to apply high sun proof factor (SPF) creams or lotions to provide a barrier between themselves and the harmful UV rays.

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