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January 30th, 2014 Comments

It took was one flu and started to worry about myself

1391066878.jpgIt took was one flu and started to worry about myself Then about five years ago got a really decent, regular flu. He lay with her for three weeks, had nearly forty temperatures, and looked awful. I do not know over what all these days in bed thinking, but since then it all went downhill from there. He became terribly afraid of himself and deal with every little thing forgiveness At first I thought it was almost funny. My husband, who flew in January and almost in shorts and vegetables for him was a dirty word, and perhaps even owned a hat, suddenly began to take care of their health. He said that he had not appreciated, but now begins.

This, of course, I had to agree, because I had no idea that it comes at the other extreme. Gradually, everything was fine before, become ill, and then it changed again. In short, the current situation is never right. Too drowning, then the dry air, bad breath, body is pampered and easier to Blow out. A week later we heat very little body get cold and get sick. Ventilation, it is directly science. Ventilate little, we keep germs at home. Ventilate too, get cold. Draft, it is a disaster. "You want to get pneumonia?" Wails line when cooking I open Everything conspired against him When it comes out of the apartment, attending more than three women together Ten times he looks at the thermometer, how many degrees out, check the weather, if not rainy or windy, and then intricately composed various layers of clothing to be ready for every situation.

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