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January 31st, 2014 Comments

Combination Skin Tips - Guidelines For The Recovery Of Skin

1391164140.jpgTea is soothing great for sensitive skin because it contains acid "acid" (tannin), which is characterized by its impacts palliative and analgesic. We advise you to experience following treatment approved in a plastic global institution: Dip "envelopes" of tea in a mug of boiling water. Leave the two-envelope in the mug so cool water.

Drain Casey tea and then dip a soft cloth in the tea and then put them on your face after washing well. Repeat it over the area of the face for five minutes. Then wipe dry your face with towel soft cotton. And served as tea compresses also reduce swelling under the eyes, In order to achieve this, close your eyes Put on each envelope after the tea cools down and leave for five minutes. Fast processing of leather And for the rapid elimination of impurities on the skin of emergency, such as pimples, we suggest you use lotion dryer kind of new and innovative. The lotion is prepared by mixing equal amounts of rose water and "witch hazel" or (tree bathroom) or (an herbaceous plant in the form of small shrubs yellow color). The witch hazel works to absorb the oil from the skin to accelerate the healing process. The rosewater worked to lubricate and soften the skin. But before you use the mix temperature must be reduced by placing it in the refrigerator and then put it on the rash places by a small piece of cotton.

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