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January 31st, 2014 Comments

Do Not Wait For Your Wedding To Cure The Problems Of Skin

1391165778.jpgA question says, approached my wedding and tense strongly when I suffered from the problems of skin in sensitive areas and underarms dark for the rest of the body, and I suffer from the loss in the hair and pounding, with dryness in the skin over my body, what are the right steps, which I for the treatment of skin before my wedding? Confirmed by a consultant dermatologists that it does not need to worry, there is no need because tuned any bride to come to her new life.

The problems the body and skin in particular is normal and diffuse among the vast majority of girls, and the problem lies in the failure to follow the rules of sound nutritional and skin treatment and body-you-go, and so corresponds to dermatologists problem in the treatment of brides before marriage a short time. The treatment of the skin and disadvantages and problems depends on the nature of the case and the degree of damage, which infects, and the girl must since childhood and adolescence keep the skin of the problems that affect them, and that bother treating any problem, suffers and bother to clean her skin and personal hygiene and to follow the rules moisturize the skin and keep the softness of her skin, in order to Chubb to excellent condition and when the marriage does not require a lot of effort even back net. "and so should every bride to begin in the care of her skin early, and natural ways, and stop applying cosmetics, and if necessary shall use Hygiene and high quality, and the brands known proportions chemical few are added, and lighten places dark prefers to use natural ways much as found in the long run, which brought impressive results in skin lightening.

The bride to take healthy food for a sufficient period before the wedding, and contains vitamins reinforcing elements, and follow up with a physician, to be able to know the vitamins and elements that decrease the body and much-needed, and gradually you will find her skin shines and her hair depends on the precipitation, drinking large amounts of water so that the body can cope with the problem of drought which hit him, and moisturize the body and skin well, which will appear gradually on its external appearance and on the skin. " and to treat the problem at its roots confirmed Consultant of Dermatology that the bride should visit a dermatologist from the outset to put her program of skin care and treatment and identifies needed to do, and preferably visit the girl to the doctor before the wedding at 5 months at the very least even addresses the problems of skin and hair sufficiently in advance and up to the results as you wish the girl.

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