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January 31st, 2014 Comments

Know How To Keep Young Skin Without Resorting To Cosmetic Surgery

1391165481.jpgDuring the peeling skin laser technique partial (Fractional laser resurfacing), being shed light rays very accurate high-energy on the skin surface in order to smoothen and tighten the skin and stimulate the skin to produce collagen, a protein that gives skin elasticity and freshness. And because it is being used that way only small parts of large areas of skin in several stages, showing redness in the skin, but be simple and quickly disappears. However, it may feel itchy and Madam shows swelling in the treated areas. In pulsed light therapy device, the skin being exposed to a broad waves of light energy, unlike laser treatment, which is being through the launch of a wave of one specific.

The results of this method, which will help to stimulate the production of collagen as well, to reduce the damage caused by the sun and brown spots, as well as reduce wrinkles. Usually the side effect of this type of treatment is simple, but it may cause some redness in the skin later. Options less expensive and longer treatment methods mentioned above is expensive, prices range from Botox injection between 300 and 700 dollars for a single treatment session, as a way beyond skin peeling laser micro $ 1000 for a time. If you do not want Madam spending a lot of money, the following options: Chemical peels (chemical peels): In this method, being used chemicals such as acid to remove the damaged outer layer of skin. Dr The one-time cost of this method is a simple sum of up to $ 80, but you Madam You need to repeat the method of chemical peels every few weeks or months in order to retain your skin.

Peeling skin flour: In this method, being used very fine crystals to remove the dead cells of the outer layer of the skin, in order to show the soft bottom layer. Peel laser light (mild laser resurfacing), (the skin clean and radiant): This method is the simplest form of skin peeling laser technique partial. Which is being shed rays of light in terms of less energy for space narrower than the skin, and then be less side effects than those resulting from the method of laser micro peeling skin. The availability of treatment methods of treatment in those clinics dermatologists, as well as the so-called «medical spas» a non-medical centers offers a range of cosmetic services. It also cans beauty experts trained to provide some of these treatments. But a doctor warns that «in some health centers and the like, some people who are not trained to provide these treatments, putting some women at risk». In the month of October (October) last year, according to a study published in the journal Monthly published by the American Medical Association, the percentage of lawsuits filed in the courts because of laser surgery conducted by persons who are not specialists in the medical field have doubled. It is reason to question the safety provided by the «medical spas» this.

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