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January 31st, 2014 Comments

Skin Care - Keep Young Skin Without Resorting To Cosmetic Surgery

1391165036.jpgErase the effects of time to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, which dug itself on your skin, advice for following the methods of non-surgical cosmetic following: * Scrub and tamp (Smooth and fill). The materials, which employ a dermal filler in order to bemuse (dermal fillers) and «rates neurological» the most common ways used by Dr. Arndt to treat patients. And «rates neurological» (such as Botox «Botox»), is a type of injection that are used to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles when you smile or laugh or your face. Commented Dr. Arndt on «rates neurological» saying that «these products help reduce the wrinkles that appear when face as well as the front lines, and in some cases wrinkles that appear around the eyes. And check those products as a result of a wonderful safely and confidently.

And always what people feel very happy with such results ». The products filling or stuffing the skin, it is a type of injection that is used to give the appearance of full soft areas of the skin. These products are called sometimes as «liquid face lift» (liquid facelifts), where you can give a more youthful appearance to the face without the occurrence of any kind of disruption from the practice of everyday life, or exposure to risks associated with beauty. Often products are being used to fill the skin to soften what might be called «wrinkles laughter», the lines that by the nose until the bottom of the mouth when he laughs rights. Often being used my way of therapy together, P «rates neurological» reduce the lines that appear when face, while the products are used to fill the skin to give the appearance of full regions soft at the bottom of the face, cheeks and chin, as well as anti-aliasing «wrinkles laughter». The combination between the two treatments enhances and prolongs the duration of the impact that together. Both methods are safe, and side effects of them are very few and temporary. And may cause Botox injections and similar types of simple bruise at the injection site or feeling mild pain in the front, but these symptoms are temporary. And may cause skin products also fill bruising simple, but it's also temporary. However, it should know Madam that the effect of those treatments are temporary, and in order to get the full effect of continuous, you should frequentative injection whenever you need it, but that the rate of injection of a substance Botox should be twice or three times a year, and the injection fill the skin shall be once or twice a year. * Skin rejuvenation and situations change the color of the skin, including freckles and age spots and sunspots, advised Dr. Arndt using the technique of exfoliation or laser therapy device pulsed light.

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