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February 24th, 2014 Comments

Remedial steps for dry skin


The first step: Make-up In such a climate, an intellectual in skin health and freshness more than anything else, even if it's your look. So we advise you not to put makeup in the days of sandstorms.

The presence of any lotion on the face is considered as a suitable environment for the adhesion of soft dirt and dust on the face easily. Then start this dust quickly attacking skin cells quickly, causing dry and crack it. Step two: Clean the skin and peeled The work varies on the move by the degree of damage to the skin and in-kind basis. We begin with a good cleaning to get rid of any dust stuck skin, especially the face and neck. Then we use facial exfoliate, whether natural or homemade record ready that fits your skin type. It is better to work a steam bath for the face. Accidental and steam your face for about 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water immediately while still hot and your face, so as to close the pores after cleaned well. Step Three: Hydration The start of this step is definitely moisturizing procedure, so to drink the necessary quantities of water a day, especially in the conditions of the atmosphere, whether warm or sand. And you should drink 8 glasses of water a day at least, with no excessive intake of caffeine and juices that would generate urine and thus lose a lot of body fluids.Dry Skin Care Sun protections from things that support moisturize your skin dramatically. Exposure to the sun with dust has the greatest impact on the freshness of the skin. So make sure to put sun protection cream, even though it was windy and the sun is bright. It may change in a few minutes. The day of the things needed to eliminate dry skin and keep it moist all the time. Put a little of it on your skin, your face and fingertips in circular motions and gently until it is completely absorbed. In the evening, do not forget the protective cream deep. And make sure to put it after removing any makeup from your face using the product completely dedicated to it.

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