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February 24th, 2014 Comments

Tips to keep your skin from signs of aging

1393304215.jpgMany of us are concerned about the appearance of the signs of aging on the skin, which is usually due to a lack of collagen caused by frequent exposure to the sun and dust, so you'll need to follow some tips to protect your skin.
from the signs of aging, avoid damage is often better than repaired. You should Dimension smoking completely, because the nicotine of the biggest reasons that cause dry skin and lead to harm with exposure to the sun. Dry Skin Care Because it leads to contraction of the blood vessels and the lack of oxygen to the blood You must use the lye that contains a retinoid on a daily basis, because it can erase the signs of aging of the skin. You'll also use the cream and sun visor, to protect against exposure to the sun, which is very harmful to skin.

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