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April 14th, 2014 Comments

Venus Factor Review-Dealing with tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease related to the respiratory system. Disease caused by a bacterium found primarily in the lungs. Is a contagious disease, which means that you have to take extra precaution for the safety of others?
Of constant sneezing, can be deployed to talk, cough these airborne germs to other people.

It could turn into a serious illness if not taken proper care. Due to the lack of symptoms, characterized by doctors to TB and "active TB" provides any symptoms of tuberculosis which is not contagious.

On the other hand it can make you sick with active TB is a highly contagious.
Although we may think of TB is no longer a threat still took a lot of lives and killed millions despite the fact that we have the right medicines to prevent it.

The need to become proper care is very crucial for the survival of the patient.
Symptoms remain dormant, making the situation worse. This is a disease transmitted through the air, and can be infected anyone. Once infected may be in one of these two phases of TB infection or "active TB" (described above).

You can determine if you have TB when you have been tested on the skin and TB test (test PDD) and X-ray of your chest. Skin test in the doctor injects you with the means, if they resulted in a bump; it because of TB infection.

If the X-ray showed spots or shade you may suffer from this condition. If the immune system is very weak due to aging, HIV, malnutrition and the other reason, these bacteria may just wake up to become active TB. In the early stages of tuberculosis, gives the immune system to kill the good fight against the infection.

A cure for this disease can last for years. TB can attack any part of the body, including the joints, bones, urinary tract, central nervous system, muscles, and bone marrow and lymphatic system. Therefore the signs and symptoms may vary depending on the body that may become infected.

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