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April 15th, 2014 Comments

Joey Atlas-Cellulite who’s to blame?

Cellulite who’s to blame?

First you need to find reasons to fight cellulite.

Medical causes of cellulite aesthetic experts laid on the table; guilty Our genetics or bad does our lifestyle?Joey Atlas the Official Website

Who is actually responsible for cellulite?

 Do we take our family heritage, or does actually responsible for changing our way of life?
What we do, if we let on how much attention the possibility of the Turkish women do not get rid of cellulite?
Dar dress, with a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition are extending our own cellulite?

Discussed the issue of medical aesthetic professionals; work results ... APPLE NOT in medicine DR. MUSTAFA KARATAŞ Cellulite is genetic. Pears are a woman type, i.e. an increase in weight is part of the hips and legs if you get; cellulite is inevitable.

 Because of the increasing fat cells in the hips and legs, in that section to a cluster, then causes an increase in subcutaneous edema.

As long as there is edema and subcutaneous adipose tissue hardening occurs and creates the appearance of cellulite pull the skin inward.

But apple type a woman, so you are getting weight from the abdomen and waist area, unless there is excessive weight gain will be at your cellulite.

 As seen, the biggest factor is actually genetic mire originally. But it makes good use of genetic, you do not gain weight; a leg is no imagination. PRECISION is GENETICS in the DR. NİHAT VERTICAL

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