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April 15th, 2014 Comments

Truth About Cellulite-Women who are at risk of more cellulite

Cause of cellulite; 50 percent genetic, 50 percent of our mistakes

Mediterranean race, the wider base to occur in women who are at risk of more cellulite
Sports that do not move and is seen in patients with poor eating habits

The degree of cellulite, improves our wrongs. Smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, pregnancy, genetic conditions such as goiter, the existing cellulite problem will move to a much more advanced stage.

Narrow jeans, tight stockings, high heels, caffeinated foods lasts into the hands of cellulite
Changes in body form and will cause your metabolic rate cases people should adopt more cautious and conscious life style.
 FSH triggers an increase in DR. ORDER FLOWERS hormones are the biggest culprits.

In women, the ovaries secreted from the water retention in tissues and predispose to the formation of cellulite follicles (FSH) excessive growth hormone, causes cellulite.

The second reason is genetic.
 The third reason vascular insufficiency is the ... constipation in people who are more visible, hypothyroidism, birth control pill use, hepatic poor function, or even a quick and stress caused by tension, anxiety and insecurity, such as psychological factors, even cellulite increases.

To be effective, must be supported by diet and other applications. With all these folks, although taking salmon from the freezer to eat huh! Incidentally I think then I'll do a quick post on how to prepare salmon in 10 minutes! That's right, 10 minutes

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