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April 16th, 2014 Comments

Joey Atlas Review-Cellulite formation has many different causes

Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite formation has many different causes.
These include genetic factors, hormonal causes, the diet, sedentary life and are slayable skins own physical structure.
Hormonal causes:  the research done recently, the increase in the amount of the hormone estrogen in women, cellulite has revealed that i replicate.

A number which is necessary for the health of skin and body hormones and substances due to changes in the amount of cells begin to accumulate water in the range above normal.

 This buildup is rampant in some changes in the appearance of the skin occurs. Therefore, cellulite , hormones have a direct impact.

Posture:  High-heeled shoes to wear, wrong to walk and sit in the wrong  cellulite causes of among others. High-heeled shoes over time due to disturbances in blood circulation of the skin well nourished and therefore unable cellulite  causes it to occur.

Nutrition:  One-way and an unhealthy diet  cellulite is one of the main reasons.
 Often seen in women in the society running  cellulite , the tendency of women to fast food and prepared foods are directly associated with.

Animal fats, salt, sugar, cola and coffee as well as food and drinks while blowing out the fat cells, making around edema and  cellulite  is caused to occur.

Smoking and alcohol:  Smoking and alcohol use in women  cellulite  incidence is quite high compared to those using.
Sports to do:  to do sports because the body does not burn fat enough.

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