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April 21st, 2014 Comments

Homemade scrubs for cellulite removal

Homemade scrubs - learn from what products in the home, you can prepare a great scrub for face and body. Scrubs, home-cooked, made from natural ingredients, so homemade scrubs are perfect for face and body, do not cause allergies and irritations.

What might be called a scrub? Yes, in principle, any product that contains small solid particles, cleansing the skin from dead cells, clusters of sweat and grease, and other contaminants. As a result, the skin becomes again a young, healthy, gentle and beautiful.

 Today we find out what exactly is the products can be used at home for natural quality scrubs.
Before you cook homemade scrub - It is important to clearly find out the following - to scrub brought you something that you aspire to - smooth, beautiful and clean skin - the technology for its use in the home need to perform very well.

 First, clean the skin with gentle means tonic jelly, foam. Next, the skin needs to be warmed to open the pores.

Next, take a sponge and apply the scrub on the skin, except areas under the eyes and lips. Only then spend a gentle massage - attention, press hard on the skin do not need to scrub itself cleanse all, only light rotational movement.

Dry and sensitive skin massaging minute and a half, normal and oily - two. In the final procedure, you must rinse thoroughly scrub all traces of the home with cool water and apply skin cream.

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