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April 21st, 2014 Comments

Joey Atlas-Scrub recipe for cellulite removal

The owners of dry skin should try to cook on the same principle of other powder products - oatmeal and bran, mixed with orange or almond butter (you can even plant).

Homemade scrub of starch - This scrub, in our opinion, is the softest homemade scrub, so it is more suitable for other delicate, sensitive skin.Free Truth about Cellulite Report

His recipe is elementary - pour starch on flap gauze gather into a ball, lightly moisten and all use for skin care.

Scrub of sea salt - Another popular scrub recipe is often asked women - from sea salt scrub. We have described in detail in his article scrubs of cellulite, which offer you (the announcement under the article). We also recommend reading this stuff all, who wants to use it for home scrubs fight orange peel - this procedure has its own nuances, which we recommend you read.

Orange Scrub - Many women love to use at home is orange scrub - it cleanses the skin and, and smells nice. To make orange scrub yourself, grate the rind of one orange (do not forget to wash fruit before it), mix with a tablespoon of starch, flour or semolina.
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Home than to plant orange scrub depends on your skin type - if oily or normal, dilute juice of the same orange, if dry or sensitive - milk.

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