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April 21st, 2014 Comments

What are the best scrubs at home for cellulite removal

What are the best scrubs at home? Homemade Sugar Scrub has excellent abrasive effect: it let particles and has large size and the acute form, but when you use it quickly rounded granules.

Sugar scrub can be used for different types of skin, all you need to do - add to sugar particular ingredient. For example, vegetable oil or moisturizer - then you'll have a beautiful home scrub for dry skin. Can vary scrub recipe and add the sugar, lemon juice, and then scrub acquire bleaching properties. Oily skin will help the mixture of sugar, milk and cereal. Another original and useful idea - add sugar cocoa powder to give the skin freshness.Visit my Web Pages

Coffee Scrub - Homemade scrub of coffee is considered one of the best scrubs that you can cook at home.

It is suitable for oily and combination skin. His small drawback - the fact that even coffee grounds has strong coloring power, and often place that applied this home scrub is somewhat darker than the surrounding skin. However, soon all washed off.

 To avoid such embarrassment and not lose the exfoliating properties of this home scrub recipe coffee scrub recommended combining it with honey, yogurt and even shower gel.

Homemade scrubs based on cereals - At home, healthy clean skin scrubs based on cereals. For normal to oily skin, according to the recipes, take products such as buckwheat and rice. Any of the above cereals need to grind in a coffee grinder to obtain a homogeneous powder mixed with honey and used as a scrub.

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