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April 22nd, 2014 Comments

Honey massage is quite a painful procedure

Honey massage is quite a painful procedure, so spend his first five minutes on each hand. After the massage, take a shower. Twice a week, taking a shower, use a coffee scrub, which can easily be made at home. Take the drinking ground coffee; add to it a little shower gel and massage to rub into the skin. After such exfoliation should be applied to the skin cream body scrub coffee as it dries.

Can a child be cellulite - Not so long ago the doctors said that the "orange peel" may appear only at the fairer sex. But, as it turned out, these allegations were wrong.

Cellulite can appear all - Cellulite can appear not only women, but anyone and at any age. Of course, worst of all, when the disease in varying degrees occurs in children. Causes the appearance of "orange peel" the child can be set. First, one of them is an unhealthy diet. Often the "caring" parents buy their child products containing an incredible amount of sugar and salt.

They do not think about the fact that these dishes can cause substantial harm to the health of their child. Best Reviewes

During the development of the child's body should receive only the most valuable and necessary food. For a child to have had no problems with metabolism, grow up healthy and cheerful, it is necessary to protect him from the excessive use of fats and carbohydrates.

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