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April 23rd, 2014 Comments

Venus Factor-Stress hormones and fat gain

The human body is much more complex than that of the metabolic process and cycle takes at least several hours and in some cases days.

For example, if you start to deprive yourself of food, only the fourth day is that the body will alter metabolism.

Peptide hormone leptons are the main sign that time to warn the head or the body is not hungry.
Energy for your workout

In the first 40 or 50 minutes of training, your body uses predominantly glycogen, which is a derivative of sugar and accumulates with carbohydrate intake.

 It is believed that are necessary for a workout from 80 to 150 g. to glycogen (1).
End only when the reserves of glycogen are the body that considers other sources of energy as protein and fat, or, to be more precise, the muscles and the free fatty acids.

 In this case, cortical, the stress hormone, causes the body especially the muscles burn.
Fat as an energy source

The best condition to "cash out" the fatty acids from fat cells is to have a low blood sugar (insulin) in your blood.
The fatty acids released are carried in the bloodstream to the liver, where they will be converted to obtain energy.Must Read

A constantly high level of sugar, caused by continuous intake of carbohydrates, blocks fat burning processes, making the body go "unlearning" gradually using fat as an energy source

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