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April 23rd, 2014 Comments

Weight loss and weight gain in BURNING FAT

Weight loss and weight gainin BURNING FAT

P or you cannot combine workouts to gain muscle with workouts to define the body and lose fat, and why the classic weight loss program does not work?

How to lose weight and gain muscle
A classic beginner, upon arriving at the gym, it puts two objectives: first, lose the belly, which was the result of a sedentary lifestyle, and secondly, pumping a little to avoid clothing 'best fall'.

Unfortunately, so many of the professional coaches, not to mention the already regulars at the academy, refuse to accept that there are two types of training - one to work the muscles and another to lose fat - and that is impossible to combine the two.

Weight loss program
More often recommend the following strategy for fat loss: 15-20 minutes of cardiovascular, followed exercises strength training with a high number of repetitions of the exercises (on the order of 15), abdominal and, finally, 20 more or 30 minutes of cardio.

But as already shown in FitSeven materials "Fat Burning" , neither abdominal nor any other exercise for the abdomen are able to burn belly fat.

Moreover, even the cardio workout can be as effective as a balanced diet.

How to turn fat into muscle?

It is naive to think that just a few minutes of training can activate at first the process of burning fat and then switch the body to another completely different modus operandi which forces the body to build muscle fiber from the energy obtained from fat .

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