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April 24th, 2014 Comments

John Barban-Montana Diet: Glycolic Index

Also, many doctors and nutritionists have already explained that this diet may not work.
Montana Diet: Glycolic Index

Michel Montana published in 1987 the book " Je mange dons je mailgrams ', which exposed the idea of your diet. In itself, the diet is based on the theory of glycolic index (GI) of the food and the breakdown of carbohydrates into "bad" and "good".

Experts point out that the author was wrong to equate the problem of overweight with increased insulin sensitivity (3)
Moreover, the theory of IG is not so simple: it is important to not only the type of carbohydrate, but the amount and its combination with other substances.Highful Information

Pineapple diet: "What to eat to lose weight?"
In this category we can put all the diets that promise weight loss based on intake of "negative calorie". Most often in the list of these foods pineapple, celery, grapefruit, lemon, apple, broccoli and cabbage arises.

Strictly speaking, there is in fact a product in nature with negative calories - the ice (water has no calories and body end up spending energy to heat), but the idea that eating certain foods burn fat is just a myth unscientific (4).

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