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April 24th, 2014 Comments

John Barban-The most absurd diet in ALL ABOUT DIETS

The most absurd dietin ALL ABOUT DIETS
P or the pineapple diet or Montana, the theory of food combining and food according to blood type are totally unscientific and meaningless?

The magic diet
On the one hand, there is a lot of absurd diets in which no one believes the truth: "Square diet", according to which one can only eat food with square shape, or "solar diet" when you can just eat in days sun.
However, there is much convinced of the effectiveness of diets that the eyes of experts are no less absurd than the above people: the Montana diet, diet for blood group, the theory of food combining and other genre.

Adamou Diet: Eat according to blood group
The idea that the body of people with different blood groups differently absolve the food appeared in 1997 and was launched by American author Peter D’Amato in his book Eat Right 4 Your Type

Importantly, there is no clinical evidence to support this theory.
In fact, to prescribe a diet actually determined by the genome, it would be necessary to analyze about 60 specific genes.
 The assessment based only on blood type is simplified and has no practical value (1) .

Shelton Diet: Food combining
The theory of food combining (combining food, Topology) was developed in the twenties of the last century by William Howard Hay and later popularized by Herbert M. Shelton in a series of books published since 1996.
Best Ideas

The only scientific study done on this diet showed that the idea of food combining is wrong (2) .

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