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April 29th, 2014 Comments

Joey Atlas Review-Human anti-cellulite massage

Strategy and Tactics - In war, as we know well, therefore, apart from proper nutrition and exercise in the fight against "orange peel" can connect cosmetology - both home and salon.

The main thing - to find what works for you personally.
Human anti-cellulite massage is included in the list of services in almost any beauty salon. Do it yourself too hard. Procedure increases blood and lymph flow in the problem area, which helps to smooth bumpy skin. Repeated exposure to problem areas leads to the disappearance of excess fat and connective tissue deformed. Cellulite second or third step is carried out usually 8-10 sessions (two or three times a week), then one supporting sessions weekly.

Enhance the positive effect of the procedure is possible using special massage creams, gels and oils.
Vacuum massage -

The vacuum that is created during the procedure, makes the blood rushes to the skin, breaking up cellulite nodules and improving tone. An added bonus is to reduce swelling and slagging in problem areas. At home, gives a similar result can massage.

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Vacuum simulators - Training on simulators, which are relatively recently appeared in the Russian health clubs and spas, and allow the muscles to tighten (with the help of moderate exercise), and get rid of "orange peel" (by gentle vacuum massage), and normalize metabolism. Just do not expect instant results: they become noticeable after about a month of regular classes.

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