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June 27th, 2014 Comments

Norms of weight gain during pregnancy

Norms of weight gain - Weight control during pregnancy is right to make the results of each trimester. This will be the best option objective assessment of weight gain. Within each trimester may be fluctuations that depend on the individual characteristics of mothers and course of pregnancy itself.Get Pdf Version Lisa Olsen

For example, someone toxicosis can cause you to lose weight in the first 2 months of pregnancy, and weight gain will be in the period after the 20th week. Other, this problem is not concerned and weight gain begins with the first period, slowing down towards the end of pregnancy.

The main weight gain usually occurs in II-trimester. Weekly average weight gain during this period is about 250-300 g incidentally; increased appetite on the 13th week provokes rising estrogen levels, which are its active stimulator.

In late pregnancy, at the 9th month is carried by the body preparation for childbirth. Pregnant may lose about ½ -1 kg.Norms set weight during pregnancy on average in the following trimesters:

•    + 1.5 kg - I trimester;

•    + 5 kg - II trimester;

•    + 4 kg - III trimester. Other Info Available

If second pregnancy occurs with a short interval after the first pregnancy and childbirth, weight gain should not exceed 15 kg.

Diet is recommended to increase as follows:

•    I trimester - 200 extra calories;

•    II and III trimester - 300 extra calories.

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